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Simple Ways To Keep Your Sanity While You Potty Train

If you notice that your child may be intimidated by the toilet invest in a potty chair and keep it away from the toilet if possible. The trick here is to give them the one big day and then follow up with smaller excitement during the subsequent days. As parents who have used cloth diapers will already know, washing soiled underwear with bleach can create a really bad odor. A sticker chart is fun for older toddlers since they have a facination with stickers.

The task of potty training takes extreme devotion with energy on the parent's part. Most girls are fully potty trained around the age of 36 months. Give them plenty of juices and vegetables as part of their diet. Be very supportive of your daughter, after all it is a difficult process for her.

Treats are an effective way to make potty-training enjoyable. This is possibly one of the more expensive methods depending on just how big you wish to make the "big day" but it doesn't have to cost very much. Do not get mad at them and do not let them sense your frustration. Keep in mind that it will happen do not give up.

While potty training your toddler might seem like it is a task that is never going to end I know that it will end someday. This could botch all the hard work you've done with your little girl's potty training routine. Too often, parents try to rush their toddler into potty training because they are afraid their toddler will fall behind their age group or want to feel their child is advanced somehow. Make sure it is something that he or she likes because it will keep him or her coming back for more, which requires them to use the potty first.

Worst case scenario; your child will become stressed and afraid to use to potty-- making potty training near impossible. This is a fantastic motivator and will create instant excitement. I prefer a variation of the simple sticker chart which allows for a mark, a sad faced sticker, or an empty space to be be left for every accident. This method did not work for my son.

Being positive and enthusiastic is key in potty training. Unfortunately potty training does not happen overnight, meaning parents don't go to bed and wake up with a fully potty trained toddler. If you push her too much she might go right back into diaper mode, or what the experts call potty training regression. So be prepared and be PATIENT.

Pull ups are often easy for children to use. At the same time, downplay diapers by saying they're meant for babies, and big boys and girls don't wear diapers. These are usually best as they are easier for a child to get to and you can sit them in whatever room your child most often stays in during the day. She'd wake up around 2 or 3 in the morning crying because her bedding was soaked.

A child should be able to remove their clothing on their own and they may be letting you know when they are going in their diaper. Make a big deal about the fact that they accomplished this feat. Children are often afraid of being sucked into the toilet when it flushes. TIP # 2: Do not buy Pull-Ups

I thought Pull-Ups were god sent when the potty training process began, but soon realized they are evil.

Just follow their lead with this transistion. However well intentioned the advice may be, you need to figure out what is best for your and your toddler. Encourage them by giving them stickers, sugarless gum, or other treats. Instead of saying "Great job for going on the potty.

And to help with his aim - a little trick I used was to place a few cheerios in the urinal or bowl to give him something to aim at. Children can feel when they are wet much easier than with the disposable ones. Patience is the biggest key to training that may not appear to have much to do with physical training, however, it has everything to do with how the child will react when doing her business. If child adamantly refusing to "try", back off and wait a while before trying again.